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Questions about Yasla Web asked frequently

• Will Yasla Web replace the existing Yasla versions for macOS?

No. Yasla Web is not a system for sign language labs like Yasla Lab and is greatly simplified compared to Yasla Pro. It is intended as a low-threshold supplement for simpler tasks.
For an overview please see the feature comparison.

• I’m not getting any recordings

First: Make sure that in Yasla Web under settings, a camera/microphone is selected that actually provides a signal. Then: The use of camera and microphone by a web application must be allowed in the browser. Normally permission is requested on first access, but it is easy to overlook this or to accidentally click it away. Many browsers show a small (camera) icon in the address bar area indicating granted or denied permissions. Clicking on this icon often allows to enable usage when initially denied; alternatively, permissions can regularly be granted in the web browser’s settings. And: In some cases, camera/microphone access by the web browser must be granted by the operating system - also often with a request on first use, or the corresponding system settings.

Yasla Web goes to the limits of what is currently technically possible for web applications, some functions would not even have been imaginable a short time ago.
The Chromium project is technically leading in terms of functionality and implementation. Many other browsers still lack the needed functionality, or the existing implementation is too buggy for more sophisticated applications.

If you are concerned about data collection, consider using Chrome exclusively for Yasla Web and without a Google account.

• Why is iOS not supported?

Apple dictates all web browsers on iOS / iPadOS, including Chrome, to use its own Webkit engine. Unfortunately, Webkit lacks many features, or the existing functionality is intentionally limited. For example, not more than one video at a time may be played - which defeats the whole purpose of Yasla Web.

• How much does it cost to use Yasla Web?

The use of Yasla Web is free of charge while it is experimental (see Support). Long-term licensing conditions thereafter are still to be determined.

Status 2022.06, subject to change.