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Tip: When the pointer is paused briefly over user interface elements, many of them display a short description.



Tracks can be displayed each with the same size or with one track enlarged and the other tracks smaller on the side. To toggle, move the pointer over the track and then click the arrow icon in the upper right corner. With equal-size display, this enlarges the respective track. In the case of large/small display, a small track becomes a large one as a result, in the large track it changes to the same size display.

Tracks can be temporarily hidden: Open the Info area at the top right and uncheck or check the respective track.

Playback and Control

The functions for playback and time control are located in the lower section. The symbol keys from left to right:

The large slider (or the scroll wheel of the mouse or a gesture on the trackpad) can be used to navigate directly in the document. Under the slider, the allocation of the tracks by recordings is displayed (similar to the timeline in Yasla Pro / Lab).

The volume slider and speaker icon buttons can be used to adjust the playback volume.

Adding and Deleting Tracks

New tracks - up to four per document - can be created via New track in the top right-hand corner, select the desired track type there. For text tracks, the desired length of the track can be specified (this can still be changed later, see Editing text tracks).

To delete a track, move the pointer over the track and then click on the trash can icon in the upper right corner.


Recordings are started and ended with the red round recording symbol button in the control area (then as a square symbol button). Recordings always start at the current temporal position in the document.

For recording, the target track must be selected. The target track is marked by a small red circle at the bottom right. A newly created audio/video track is automatically selected as the target track, manually this is done by clicking the recording symbol at the top right of the track (visible when the pointer is over the track).

Before recording, a preview of the camera image is shown (if video is being recorded). Camera and microphone (or audio input) can be selected in the Settings in the top right-hand corner, if necessary.

The actual recording begins by selecting one of the two possible recording modes:

Editing Text Tracks

To edit the content and duration of a text track, move the pointer over the track and then click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner. This switches the track to edit mode and the text becomes editable.
To exit edit mode, click the playback icon at the same point.

In edit mode, additional icons at the top right let you change track duration and text display.

Import and Export

Existing external media material can be imported either when creating a new document or via Import… under New Track. MPEG4 (.mp4, .m4v, .m4a), MP3 (.mp3), and Wave (.wav) are supported.

When exporting, the selected view is retained. Deactivated tracks are excluded from export. Output size and quality of the export can be adjusted via Settings.

Status 2023.10, subject to change.